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It’s Time to Destroy Iran

It appears that world is finally waking up to a reality some of us have recognized for a long time. Iran is a cancer we must now remove. A headline in the San Diego Union-Tribune (I was on vacation last week) read something like “Iran is years away from nuclear weapons”. It probably came from a New York Times article on 4/13. The claim is that the terrorist state is 5 to 10 years away from developing nuclear weapons. I’m sure the statement was meant to imply that we have time–time to procrastenate, time for more terrorist attacks, time to let Iran come up with better defenses. I read it as “there are only a few years to act before Iran uses nuclear weapons against us.” What if someone told you in 1993 not to worry, it would be years before the terrorists came up with a plan that would bring down the World Trade Center?

I’m afraid we’re in for a long slog–one of valueless debate in the U.N. But after that, we will likely see the unfolding of a scenario similar to the one in Iraq with one key difference. Iran will have no strong neighbor able to send terrorists across its border. If the Bush administration is sucessful with regime-change in Iran, it will be very hard for anyone to talk about Iraq being a failure.

When we’re through, let’s replace the Islamic Republic of Iran with the Republic of Persia.

If you haven’t yet, please read Robert Tracinski’s argument for war against Iran, titled Time to Fight the Real War.

Update: while I still believe the government in Iran is capable of creating a real tragedy, I have abandoned the idea that any government, including the United States, can do anything positive to prevent it. The idea of government ought to be buried in a garbage pit along with religion, slavery, war and all the other bad ideas of antiquity.

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Dman: while I can sympathize with passion you’re expressing, I don’t agree that peace with people of the Middle East is impossible. There’s nothing about location or genetic make up of people that make them unreasonable. In fact, I think we’re seeing wonderful evidence of this in Iraq where much of the country is quite peaceful.

Creating a bureaucracy to control oil production is a terrible idea.

Ok so I totally agree with attacking Iran. They will just keep sending their terrorists over to Iraq and killing our troops. Yes they are making nuclear weapons but look at it like this. Iraq will never be a good safe place until we take out all the terrorists and we can’t get them all until we go in and root them out. We can’t do that without taking out Iran. Honestly I don’t think that there will be peace with these people EVER! Because the vast majority (not all) are ignorant bastards that have been killing each other and other nations off since basically the beginning of time. We can keep on believing that we can enlighten them at the cost of our soldiers for years to come or do what is considered horrible and unhuman not to mention politically incorrect. The solution? In order to keep the majority of the world happy with us we kill every single one of them. Men women and children. It sucks I know, but how are you ever going to separate the good ones from the bad ones. You know the children would grow up full of hate towards their conquerors and turn into terrorists like maggots into flies. Lets actually fight this war to win it, not to look good to everyone else. Of course Russia and China aren’t going to like the US doing that, why? Because we would get all the oil. Solution? Make the oil production in the middle east an international production. Each country makes a bid on the oil and whoever bids the highest gets it. The money from buying the oil goes to international aid and alternative energy technology instead of lining the pockets of some rich sheik that uses it to fund terrorists and nuclear weapons.

haha, god bless mnf.

seriously, we should have bombed iran after 911…no one would have questioned it then. now people think we have to “take a punch first?” are you serious? do you remember 911 ? do you know that iran sponsors most of the terrorism in the middle east ? do you know they fund syria, hezbollah, hamas, etc. ?
you know that the president of iran is certifiably insane right? he denies the holocaust ever happened, thinks there are no gays in iran and he won’t stop until israel is wiped off the map. you can’t negotiate or reason with someone like that. end this now.

there is ONE little problem…apparently the iranian youth is pretty progressive and open-minded….if the west bombs iran and these kids grow up in ashes hating america then we lose a generation or more of young minds who may have been pro-west…the only reason we aren’t bombing iran right now is we are trying to find a solution where these kids will side with us and possibly even overthrow their own government. the clock is ticking

the day that the usa and world bombs iran, that day will be the best day of my life and i am an iranian born in iran but lives in the usa. god bless america and all the freedoms and oppurtunity. im on the best place on the planet fuck iran i want my persia back now god bless mnf

The Shark: your analogy is false. Iran’s motivations are not the same as a schoolyard bully’s, and Pearl Harbor was not “taking a punch”.

I agree with Leon here. Unfortunately, there won’t be the will necessary to leave the place one big smoking crater. It will have to be tactical strikes against Iran’s nuke sites before oblitterating its military capacity. Besides, it will be payback for the Iran hostage taking that Carter messed his pants on in addition to the scores of terrorist attacks funded by those medieval dickweeds throughout the last 20-odd years.

Consider playground politics; When a bully approaches you with his/her daily ritual of picking on you by the swing sets, you have a few choices. One, you could seek them out as soon as the bell rings and punch them in the nose. Two, when messed with – you could simply walk away. Three, when the showdown takes place – You wait for a crowd to gather. Give the bully a warning that you will not take their abuse – Then when he/she pushes or hits you, you unleash holy hell and destroy them in front of everyone.

The problem with choice one: The playground represents the world in this US – Iran showdown. Another pre-attack like with Iraq on Iran will not sit well with the world. Just think about playground politics… Your classmates may not understand why you came out of the gate swinging. You’ll probably get suspended from school, and some of your friends may disagree with your tactics.

The problem with choice two: If you do nothing – the bully will be back again tomorrow. So you go through life in school always afraid of their next move. We can’t deal with Iran this way.

Choice Three: Currently we are doing the right thing. The world knows that Iran is a bully to Isreal and now possibly to our troops in Iraq. The crowd has gathered on the playground – we gave our warning. But we must wait for Iran’s move. We may have to take a punch (just like Pearl Harbor), but our response will be devastating. The world will respect our response – this is very important. The anit-American alliance can not grow any stronger, our country’s status is at stake here.

It is absolutely essential that Iran be brought to it’s knees. It is so hard to believe that so many people simply pretend Iran is a benevolent, benign society. It appears our President has no intention of letting Iran acquire a nuclear weapon. This will be a spectacular year, with only the lives of brave serviceman to regret when it is done. Destroy Iran now.

I agree. With all the time and money wasted in the Iraq war, we could utilize it for a war against Iran. A war against Iran is a lot more logical and more strongly supported than the war in Iraq. Iran is very suspicious and just angers me the way it’s so arrogant about its nuclear program. It claims that it’s “just for electricity,” but I have a hard time buying that. Iran and all its terrorist extremists have got to be eliminated for the safety of the world.

I cannot support this position with anymore enthusiasm than exhibited by the author. Focused and to the point. The time to attack IRAN is now. Attack their entire industrial infrastructure to bring their economy temporarily to it’s knees and foster a revolution to overthrow these thugs and murderers in Tehran. I have no use for negotiation with this regime. We will be fighting them sooner or later and better now that their overall defense posture is still weak and they have not acquired the nuclear weapons they so much desire and will use if obtained. They have no respect for life and the core of their religious belief is rooted in fundamentalist hundreds and hundreds of years old. They have never respected life and have no intention of recalibrating their beliefs to conform with the west, but have every intention of destroying us if possible. THE TIME TO ATTACK IS NOW OR AT LEAST COMING. ACT NOW OR PAY A HORRIBLE PRICE LATER.
A toast to the author

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