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It’s Time to Destroy Iran

It appears that world is finally waking up to a reality some of us have recognized for a long time. Iran is a cancer we must now remove. A headline in the San Diego Union-Tribune (I was on vacation last week) read something like “Iran is years away from nuclear weapons”. It probably came from a New York Times article on 4/13. The claim is that the terrorist state is 5 to 10 years away from developing nuclear weapons. I’m sure the statement was meant to imply that we have time–time to procrastenate, time for more terrorist attacks, time to let Iran come up with better defenses. I read it as “there are only a few years to act before Iran uses nuclear weapons against us.” What if someone told you in 1993 not to worry, it would be years before the terrorists came up with a plan that would bring down the World Trade Center?

I’m afraid we’re in for a long slog–one of valueless debate in the U.N. But after that, we will likely see the unfolding of a scenario similar to the one in Iraq with one key difference. Iran will have no strong neighbor able to send terrorists across its border. If the Bush administration is sucessful with regime-change in Iran, it will be very hard for anyone to talk about Iraq being a failure.

When we’re through, let’s replace the Islamic Republic of Iran with the Republic of Persia.

If you haven’t yet, please read Robert Tracinski’s argument for war against Iran, titled Time to Fight the Real War.

Update: while I still believe the government in Iran is capable of creating a real tragedy, I have abandoned the idea that any government, including the United States, can do anything positive to prevent it. The idea of government ought to be buried in a garbage pit along with religion, slavery, war and all the other bad ideas of antiquity.

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If you prescribe to this us-and-them nationalistic nonsense (does anyone not question why Iran is considered a ‘terrorist state’?) you deserve to face the consequences of your ignorance. There is good and there is evil; the powers and authorities do not recognise temporary national or political boundaries. To pretend that the USA is ‘good’ and Iran is ‘evil’ only serves the interests of those who benefit from you believing this nonsense. There are many ordinary Americans who have more in common with the average Iranian than they do with fellow Americans living in D.C. or NYC. If you do not believe me, get on a plane and visit the people of Tehran. Or is that out of the question for the average American?

in the name of allah
i have question from u guys?
usa attacked japan and bombed there with a nuclear weapon and killed 50000 people and after that usa attacked to vietnam and killed many inoccent people after that afghanistan with 120000 people killed after that iraq with 1 million inoccent killed after that he supported israel killing inocent palestinians so after these unfair wars who is terrorist usa or islam?
i hop all of u americans find the true way and dont accept any thing your goverment told u to.
your goverment is playing with all of you. please wake up and see what is the truth.

Iran and Saudi are rogue regimes and should be taken out as soon as possible. Mecca should be evacuated and then thoroughly nuked. Islam and the burqa should be illegal in all civilised countries.

Islam is the Nazism of the 21st century.

It can’t be tolerated or lived with, unfortunately, it must be destroyed.

In the name of Allah
I am a a teen from Iran and I am muslim.For the first I should say all of the Iranian people and governmen are aganst Taliban and Al-Qaede. we want the peace.Islam and Quran want the peace and Islam do not let the muslims to attack and war.But when the foreingers attack to a islamic country,we should fight with them and do not allow them to destroy our religion.Because Islam is the last and best religion in this world.if some one want fight with the God book it means Quran,in other world God will not allow them to go to the Heaven.
all of the men and women are brothers and sisters.we do not like fight with our brothers.all of we pray the God.
But some people want blood of their brothers.God do not like them.
our brothers and sisters in west think we like war and unclear weapones.
We just love our God and know he is the most powerful.if US attacked iran God will help us to destroy his enemies.Islam sayd //God will help you if his enemy attack you when you can not defend your religin ,if you are good people//
good bye

I agree that the world and the United States must wake up with reguards to Iran. The world must destroy Iran as we did the Nazis in WW2. Time is running out. The thought of a nuclear armed Iran threatening Isreal and laughing at the US is unnaccptable and just plain scarey. We must wake up soon and together with the mighty Isreal, destroy Iran now!

I hate to say it. But, in ’79 I was saying we should blow that Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Moosavi Khomeini out of the sky, when he was flying out of exil in France. I saw the writing on the wall then. When the hostages were taken in Tehran. We had every right to wage war and walk over that country. But, for some reason, our country has no guts. What happened here? Now, after all these years, people are finally thinking we should go get these Islamic thugs? Well, now, how many times are we going to let these boogers spit in our faces? I suppose it will take a strike on our soil, to get us to act. It will be too late, when that happens.

lets be real… the US got into Iraq for the purpose of skipping over into Iran. Iran has been the great instigator of turmiol in the East. They have supplied and funded the insurgents in the Irag war. Sponsored terrorism for ever. Neutralize Irag and when you smash Iran, they will have no friends to come running to help. If you are religious (and I am not), believe that the President of Iran is truly the Anti-Christ. The Iranian government needs to come crashing down, and by the way…nothing would be better than to land a nuke on his living room couch.

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