I’ve been working as a programmer since 1994, but I first learned to program in BASIC on an Apple II+ in 1979 (yeah, I was only 9!). I understand computers very well, and I love to code. However, I have developed my leadership and management skills over time so that I can bring out the best in teams. I also have years of experience working in digital marketing. My strengths best serve companies willing to leverage Internet technology and maintain Internet culture.

My theory of leadership is simple and not unique. A leader picks the destination, cheers the team when it arrives, and in all times in between remains a humble servant. That service comes in the form of mentoring and collaboration. I strive to help my team to understand the relevance of their work, to measure their performance and to have a human relationship beyond raw performance.

Here’s a summary of my career.


Founder/CEO October 2010 – Present

For the past decade I’ve provided consulting services to many companies large and small through my corporation, Eighteen Intelligence.

Berkeley Transportation Systems

Vice President of Engineering February 2009 – October 2010

BTS hired me to help the company grow the engineering team wisely to match the growth in service revenue. During my time there, I helped grow the team from two engineers to fivc plus a director of user experience.

Conversive Electrons dba Clear Ink

Vice President, Chief Technologist August 2003 – February 2009

In 2005, I helped build the Clear Ink team to more than double in size. While I kept my programming chops sharp, I concentrated most on my leadership skills during the 2005-2008 period. I acquired the “VP” moniker in 2006 as a recognition of my indispensable contribution to the company. The company closed its doors in September 2009.


Programmer-Analyst December 2000 – August 2003

After Percipien failed, I began working independently. The Summer of 2001 was bad for anyone working in professional services, but work began to pick up in the Fall. By 2002, I had several contracts lined up with the help of the new Clear Ink and Menay. NTT/Verio was a significant client of mine during this time. I also helped build a nice site for the Berkeley-Albany YMCA.

Prentice Hall

Author July 1998 – August 2003

I wrote Core PHP Programming, the first book in English about PHP. A year later I began work on the second edition, which was published in August 2000. In 2001, I wrote a book on MySQL for Prentice Hall. The third edition of Core PHP Programming was published August 2003.


Author 2000 & 2001

I’ve written a couple articles for Zend, and I wrote a monthly column in 2001.


Partner October 2000 – February 2001

Founded company and served as technical expert. However, Percipien could not survive the economic downturn.

Clear Ink Corporation

Chief Technologist February 2000 – October 2000
Technical Lead June 1999 – February 2000
Senior Web Engineer June 1998 – June 1999
Web Engineer March 1997 – June 1998

Developed Web applications from requirements through integration, including a marcom organizer, project and time tracker, and several e-commerce sites. Created tools and methods for streamlining the development process. Served as technical expert during sales calls. Researched emerging technologies. Provided technical leadership to the engineering team and reported to the VP of Technology.

Quantal International

Database Engineer March 1995 – March 1997

Managed large financial database using MS SQL Server. Wrote custom applications for insertion of data from disparate information sources. Automated data insertion process. Developed applications for extraction and manipulation of time series data. Programmed ODBC interface to MS Access.


Consultant February 1995

Developed Visual Basic replacements for paper forms.

Financial News Service

Programmer September 1994 – December 1994

Helped design and implement on-line service. Set up Linux system and ingres database. Wrote HTML pages and cgi-bin scripts to access Ingres database.

RYNO Computers

Customer Service Technician February 1989 – October 1989

Built, delivered and installed MSDOS-based computer systems to clients within the San Francisco Bay Area. Demonstrated and sold personal computer systems in-house and at expos.

Software Etc.

Senior Sales July 1987 – September 1988

Sold and demonstrated computer software. Opened and closed store.

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