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2012 Atkinson Yearbook

Every year, for many years, I’ve made a photobook of the past year for Vicky as an XMAS present. You can click to view the 2012 edition.  

How can I help you?

Back in September of last year, I decided I was spending entirely too much time doing things I wasn’t enjoying — commuting for an hour to Berkeley via BART to spend equal parts of my time doing project management on tragically underfunded projects, participating in marathon executive meetings, and digging around a decade-old PHP/Oracle/ActionScript/Perl codebase that preferred […]

XMAS Card 2010

Today I present the Atkinson family’s 2010 Christmas card! Handwritten cards? So last century. Photo cards ordered and sent from Shutterfly? So last decade. E-cards? Not good enough. This year I decided to create a big project for myself and it turned out pretty weird. Good and weird and funny (I hope). I created the […]

Eighteen Intelligence

My life has been quite busy lately. After nearly two years as VP of Engineering for BTS, I left to start a consultancy. It began with a casual comment to a few friends that if they had 2-3 months worth of work for me, I’d consider cutting loose. Mark Celsor has been dealing with a […]

Car Damaged, Repaired

In June, I was rear-ended on my way home from work. I’d been doing the Martinez-to-Berkeley commute via I-80 for seven years, so I was probably due for some teenager to run into me. Neither of us was hurt. I was stopped and she wasn’t looking. Since I pay for collision insurance, I knew I’d […]

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