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Half-Life on Steam for Linux

More good news from Valve. Half-Life now runs on Mac OS X and Linux, we assure you Now with a Steam page that doesn’t expressly list Mac as a supported platform, we understand your skepticism regarding the headline to this very post. Indeed Half-Life has been ported to both OS X and Linux today.

LEGO Mindstorm to use linux

One more win for Linux. Mindstorm is where it’s at for LEGO. Peter Molyneux said something brilliant in the recent Minecraft documentary. Minecraft approximates how LEGO started out–a bunch of generic blocks that you pour on the floor and get creative with. The Mindstorm pieces are still like that. The kits where you get exactly […]

Android and Linux racing to be next gen consoles

Here’s an interesting race being run in vendor-sport land. We have two serviceable but aging consoles (PS3 & Xbox 360) and a new me-too console from Nintendo (Wii who?) Maybe we’ll be talking about PS4 and Xbox 720 in six months, but right now there’s a bit of buzz around consoles built on Linux or Android (which […]

Valve Offers Beta Steam For Linux

I filled out the survey and hope to give it a spin. It will be really interesting to see if Steam on Linux can take hold. Valve Linux Steam Client Beta Application We’re looking for Linux gamers to install and test our new Steam for Linux client. We are primarily interested in experienced Linux users. […]

Stubborn FAT32 Boot Partition Stops Ubuntu From Booting

My old HP Core Duo Ubuntu server bit the dust last week. Seemed like a PSU issue since it booted once and ran OK for 10 minutes, but sadly, the oddball PSU in this HP case has no easy replacement. No, it’s not a normal ATX12V PSU. Whatever–a suitable replacement, must faster, was had via […]

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