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LEGO Mindstorm to use linux

One more win for Linux. Mindstorm is where it’s at for LEGO. Peter Molyneux said something brilliant in the recent Minecraft documentary. Minecraft approximates how LEGO started out–a bunch of generic blocks that you pour on the floor and get creative with. The Mindstorm pieces are still like that. The kits where you get exactly the blocks you need to build that exact model are not nearly as interesting.

LEGO Goes Linux – InternetNews.

From the ‘What else would they use?’ files:

Move over RaspberryPi and Arduino, there is a new maker on the ‘block’.

I’ve been lusting after Arduino and RaspberryPi based maker initiatives since I first heard about them. Plug and play build your own electronics with Linux and open source goodness – it’s just like LEGO people kept telling me.

Funny how times change. Now LEGO is set to embrace Linux in a limited way. The new MINDSTORMS EV3 robot playset will include Linux based firmware. Meaning, that Linux skills can now be used in a limited way to control/build/teach with LEGO.

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