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Panera’s Hidden Menu

Bookmark this in your head. If you must eat at a fast food joint, Panera Bread will sell you a salad or egg bowl that has no bread in it. How agnostic of them. Access into Panera’s Hidden Menu :: Articles & Tips :: MyPanera You may have heard of our Hidden Menu launch in […]

Paleo Pancakes

I made these last weekend. They passed the Tre & Henry test. I used real milk instead of coconut milk. I also made the mix in a blender, which impressed Vicky. It made pouring into the pan very easy. They really are almost exactly like regular, wheat-based pancakes with only a tiny hint of banana […]

There’s no other primate that can pick its nose

This fascinating commentary on evolutionary biology is filled with facts. I’m synthesizing this plus Mark Sisson’s assertion that we max out at 4,000 calories of exercise a week plus Richard Nikoley’s relentless assassination of dogma¬†(whether in politics, nutrition or the paleo community). I think it’s time to mix back in a lot more endurance activities. […]

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