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HTML5 game market is expanding

This post from Photon Storm surveys the various opportunities for funding HTML5 games. Despite the assertion that “next to no market … for desktop HTML5 games“, we may see this break out in 2013. For example, check out the HTML5 implementation of Diablo. And since these games run well in Chrome, they ought to be playable on the all the Android game consoles rushing into the market this year. Also, don’t miss the HTML5 Minecraft world editor.

Photon Storm » Blog Archive » Insert Coin to Continue: The HTML5 Game Sponsorship Market

I had the pleasure of giving a presentation at the onGameStart 2012 conference in Warsaw, Poland. The title of my talk was “Insert Coin to Continue”. A gentle nod to the fact that lots of game developers do actually need paying in order to carry on creating great games! I wanted to share my experiences and results of working in the HTML5 game sponsorship market. The Flash world is well served by sites like FGL and blog posts detailing income and strategies. But very little exists for HTML5 games, hence the choice of topic for my talk. This article will cover most of my presentation for those who weren’t able to attend.

mitallast/diablo-js · GitHub

diablo-js – Isometric minimal-code style game at html5 canvas and javascript

Hey everybody, I’m working on a WebGL-based voxel world editor with planned Minecraft file format export. Here’s a screenshot and a live demo.

Here’s the screenshot, and here’s the link to the demo. The demo probably only works in Google Chrome for now. You’ll need to wait a moment at the green screen for the world to download. (It’ll look like it’s frozen for a few moments, but it’s downloading.)

After the world loads, you can click in the world to start exploring (you’ll need to let Chrome grab your mouse; you can release the mouse lock by hitting escape). If you hold down the H key after clicking into the world, it’ll display a hotkey list.

You won’t be able to edit that project, but you can go to Project->New to make one (after signing in with a google account), and you can save your project from the Project menu, too. It would pretty much make my day if anyone posted some screenshots or links to their projects.

Finally, please forgive my shadows. They are awful. I’m working on them.

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Ninth Annual 7DRL Challenge

Is it possible to make a 3D Roguelike in Unity in one week?

We Have Dates for 7DRL Challenge 2013! | 7DRL Challenge

What is a Seven Day Roguelike?

A Seven Day Rogue­like is a rogue­like created in seven days. This means
the author stopped writing code one hundred and sixty eight hours
after they started writing code.

Ryan Makes Stuff — CoD of Duty: The Premier First Person Shooting Fish in a Barrel Simulator

For my January #1gam, I wanted to do something that’d be both small in scope and something that I hadn’t really done before.  Based on a joke that my friend John made about Call of Duty always being abbreviated ‘CoD’ on the internet, I decided to make a first person shooter where all of your enemy are fish.

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