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The Martini Available in Hardcover

I published a hardcover book containing the play I wrote this year, The Martini. The blurb on the back is as follows. Martinez Cocktail — Martinez Special — Martini: the libation universally celebrated as the quintessential cocktail enjoys no documented nativity. Despite aspirations of adoptive metropolises, the sensible historian recognizes a likely heritage that begins […]

Captain Walker, Unsung Hero of Martinez

This man has abandoned civilization, married a squaw or squaws, and prefers to pass his life wandering in these deserts; carrying on, perhaps, an almost nominal business of hunting, trapping and trading but quite sufficient to the wants of a chief of savages. He is a man of much natural ability, and apparently of prowess […]

The Martini — A One-Act Play About the Origins of the Famous Cocktail

Experience the real story of the martini by attending a performance of The Martini presented by Onstage Theatre at the Martinez Campbell Theater in June.

Ode to a Sump Pump

The sump pumps in my french drain
Of my existence are the bane,
The cause of too much pain,
But only when it rains.

Szeder XMAS 2016

  It’s time for John Szeder‘s year-in-review Christmas poem!   ‘Twas the night before christmas, and before it all ended, Half of the internet found itself unfriended. We are still waiting for the year of VR. It’s stuck in traffic, in a self-driving car. Blogging is out–all that writing is tedium, Unless, of course, it […]

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