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Core MySQL Going Open

While Core PHP was my first book and the one that most people know, I also wrote a book in 2001 on MySQL called Core MySQL. It didn’t sell very well, probably because Paul Dubois already had a good book on the market about MySQL. Core PHP owed a good portion of its success to […]

New Clear Ink Web Site

Clear Ink, the company for which I am Chief Techologist, recently (and finally!) implemented a redesign. For anyone who wondered why I wasn’t mentioned before–I am now! Clear Ink has been very successful in the past couple of years. The digital marketing industry has heated way up and we’re up to our ears in business. […]

Henry is now 7lbs 8oz

Our little guy is now 7 pounds and 8 ounces!  It’s really incredible.  He’s gained two pounds in less than three weeks.  You can see in this picture that he’s starting to get a little chubby from all the momma milk.  It’s great!

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