Core PHP Programming

My first book was published in May, 1999. A second edition followed in August, 2000. The third edition was published in August 2003.  You may wish to download the Core PHP Listings (e.g. Examples, Source Code).  You may also wish to review the 3/E Errata page.  Errata for previous editions is still available: Core PHP Programming 1/E Errata, Core PHP Programming 2/E Errata.

There were two nice reviews of previous editions.

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Aahmed: I wrote the book in advance of PHP 5 being final. There were namespaces in the betas of PHP 5, but they were removed a few weeks before the book was published. There was no opportunity to fix the chapter. I did note this in preface, but it’s easy to miss.

namespace?? in section 6.14 you talked about namespace in php5… where is that coming from? I tried several times running php script with namespace… it returns error. i couldn’t find any reference that php5 has name space… what am i doing wrong???

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