I have been a big fan of PHP and MySQL since discovering them in 1997. I’ve built some cool systems, some I can’t share because they were for intranets, and some I can. What I’m best known for, though, is the book Core PHP Programming, first published in 1999. It was the first book in English about PHP.

Core PHP Programming

Core PHP Programming book cover The first two editions of Core PHP Programming were published May 1999 and August 2000, respectively. The third edition became available in August 2003. There’s more information available, including an errata sheet for each edition.

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Core MySQL

Core MySQL book cover In 2001, I wrote Core MySQL, and it was published in November of that year. Monty Widenius, who started the MySQL project, helped out by reviewing the manuscript prior to publication. I was particularly pleased that Prentice Hall was able contribute a portion of the profits from this book to MySQL AB, MySQL’s parent company.

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Magazine Articles

Tricks of the Trade
In 2001, I wrote a monthly column for Zend.com called Tricks of the Trade.

Harnessing PHP’s FreeEnergy
This is an article I wrote for zend.com. It appeared April 30, 2000. You can get fe.tar.gz, the collection of files that implement FreeEnergy in PHP 4.

Chained Selectors
This is an article I wrote for zend.com about creating select fields chained together with javascript.

Uncovering One of the Web’s Best Secrets
I wrote this feature article for Web Review and it appeared July 1999. It’s an introduction to PHP, mostly for the benefit of people who’ve never heard of it.

Creative Writing

Click through to my list of creative writing, which includes poems and my work on the Risk FAQ.

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