Leon Atkinson


Career Summary

Proven leader of programming teams. Server-side/database specialist. Entrepreneur. Best-selling author of the first book on PHP. Internet native, online since 1991. Open source advocate.

Work Experience

Vice President, Chief Technologist

2003-Present * Conversive Electrons dba Clear Ink * Berkeley, CA
Built technology team to six employees plus contractors. Mentored junior hires into senior roles. Led team in building many successful client projects.

  • Autodesk Offer Center
  • UC Berkeley Events Calendar
  • John Muir Health Web site

Open Source Contributor

Created several innovative Web applications and released them as open source.

  • Slogbase * Analytics for Second Life * 2007
  • FreeEnergy Start Kit * PHP 5 framework * 2005
  • FreeTime * Project management * 2001
  • FreeTrade * Ecommerce platform * 1999
  • Stow * Storage optimizer * 1994

Independent Consultant

2001-2003 * Self-employed * Martinez, CA
Built ecommerce sites for an international ISP, a national retailer, and a local non-profit. Built law research portal.

  • NTT/Verio
  • A.G. Ferrari Fine Foods
  • Berkeley/Albany YMCA
  • Law Reader


1998-2003 * Pearson Education * Upper Saddle River, NJ
Wrote the first book about PHP, published in May 1999, Core PHP Programming, a best seller that inspired two following editions. Third Edition co-authored with Zeev Suraski of Zend. Wrote Core MySQL in 2001, endorsed by MySQL AB.

  • Core PHP Programming 1/e, 2/e, 3/e
  • Core MySQL 1/e
  • “Tricks of the Trade” column for

Chief Technologist

1997-2000 * Clear Ink Corporation * Walnut Creek, CA
Rose from the ranks, from Programmer to Chief Technologist, leading a team of 10 engineers. Brought many brands to the Internet for the first time.

  • Restoration Hardware
  • John Muir Health System
  • Pacific Bell/SBC

Database Engineer

1995-1997 * Quantal International * Berkeley, CA
Managed 40M/day of international stock data in a relational database. Wrote C++ code. Created experimental VRML portfolio viewer.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
June 1994 * Weber State University * Ogden, UT

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you sent me an email with the same offer back in October.  Kumi Bailey sent me a short offer on January 5th of this year.  I’m still as happy as ever being a Vice President and Chief Technologist for Clear Ink.  Somehow, I think it would be tough for me to switch titles to Software Engineer. 😉


My name is Shriram Gharpure and I am a recruiter for the engineering group. The (Site Reliability) team is the most dynamic, challenging and fun group, which is responsible for our Google website from start to finish. (It’s distinct from the Operations group.)

I wanted to ping you to see if you may be interested in opportunities in this group. We are constantly seeking extraordinary developers and UNIX (Linux) experts such as yourself to join our exciting team and growing organization. We have positions open in the USA in Mountain View (CA), Santa Monica (CA), New York (NY), and Kirkland (WA) as well as Dublin (Ireland) and Zurich (Switzerland); and we could relocate you to any of these locations of your choice. I am enclosing the links to the job descriptions of two positions that I feel may be a great match for you.

If you feel that either of these positions is something that may be of interest to you, please send me an email so we can schedule a time for me to call you to speak with you to discuss more details. I hope you are not bothered by my networking attempt. If you are not interested or available, but would like to forward my name and contact information to your friends or colleagues, I would be most delighted.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes,

Shriram Gharpure

Site Reliability Engineering

Phone : 650-253-4129

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