Minecraft installer for Ubuntu

I’m adding this mostly as a reminder for myself.

Installing Minecraft on Ubuntu Just Got Easy

Looking for an easy way to install and launch Minecraft on Ubuntu? ‘Minecraft Installer’ by Cody Garver makes installing, setting up and using the famous sandbox game a total cinch.

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Valve Offers Beta Steam For Linux

I filled out the survey and hope to give it a spin. It will be really interesting to see if Steam on Linux can take hold.

Valve Linux Steam Client Beta Application

We’re looking for Linux gamers to install and test our new Steam for Linux client. We are primarily interested in experienced Linux users.

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Stubborn FAT32 Boot Partition Stops Ubuntu From Booting

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My old HP Core Duo Ubuntu server bit the dust last week. Seemed like a PSU issue since it booted once and ran OK for 10 minutes, but sadly, the oddball PSU in this HP case has no easy replacement. No, it’s not a normal ATX12V PSU. Whatever–a suitable replacement, must faster, was had via NewEgg. It threw me for a loop for a few hours, though. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with no issues, but then the damn thing wouldn’t boot unless I left the USB key in.

So, this seems like a known issue–use boot-repair, yadda yadda–but no, this seems to be something different. I thought I might need to mess with gparted, but I didn’t make a boot partition and I didn’t convert to non-GPT. I noticed in gparted that I had a first /sda1 partition that was FAT32 and flagged for boot. I’m thinking this was a recovery partition for this little Acer box that came with Windows 7.  Well, I wiped all the partitions and re-ran the Ubuntu install. Joy! It got the partitions right and boots on its own.

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Back up your phone’s contacts easily with Ubuntu and Bluetooth

I’m preparing to hand down my LG Lotus to my wife, who has coveted it since I brought the cute purple phone home, and upgrade to an HTC Evo. We were anticipating the pain of re-entering contacts, so I tried BitPim, software I hadn’t used for several years. It failed on both of our current phones. I was about to go with Sprint‘s solution for backing up contacts but then I discovered that if you’ve got a bluetooth radio, you can easily move contacts to and from the phone.

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Vicky’s new(ish) laptop has bluetooth. I hit the function key and the little applet fired up. I told my phone to make itself visible for 3 minutes and paired it with the laptop. This is all painless and mostly automatic through the applet. I played around and could move files between the two, but contacts wouldn’t send. Then I discovered that you have to tell the applet that it’s OK for the phone to send it contacts. It’s a button under the list of known devices. The Lotus has a menu item for sending all contacts, and they came over quickly. Vicky’s lame Samsung SPH-M220 requires clicking on a contact, going through the whole process of connecting via bluetooth and then sending…for each contact. She’s going through her list right now.

Once again, it just works on Ubuntu.