FreeTime 3

Thanks to the extra time provided by the holiday, I’ve finally put together a release of FreeTime 3, a pet project of mine for more than 10 years. This newest release is based on work I did on the software at Clear Ink from 2006 through 2009. Thanks to David Burk and Steven Nelson for sponsoring writing the code in the first place as their employee and more recently agreeing to donate the code back to the open source project. Their support is most generous!

FreeTime is a Web application written in PHP for MySQL that allows you to keep track of projects. It tracks comments, files and timesheet entries for projects divided up by clients and their divisions. Recently added features, not appearing in previous versions, include tasks, estimates and more reports. There’s also code that allows clients to log in to review work as if it’s a mini-site, but it hasn’t been tested in production. The most well-developed aspects of the application are related to timesheets, both gathering them from staff and then reporting on them.

I’m curious whether anyone will find the code useful, whether for educational or practical purposes. Its purpose was as a highly customized solution for Clear Ink, and it may have no utility outside the same type of consultancy. On the other hand, it could prove useful after some hacking. I would use it for myself if I do more consulting again.

You can download the source code from the FreeTime project page on SourceForge.