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Has the prison population gone down?

Probably not. Federal populations increased. State populations decreased, likely due to budget crunches created by the recession. We know about that here in California. A key line from the report: The majority (83%) of the decline in the correctional population during the year was attributed to the decrease in the probation population (down 81,800 offenders). Chalk this up […]

The APA is not the only solution

The problem might really be that the APA has no real competition. It’s a monopoly held up by the government, who designates the DSM as the bible for mental health when it gives out payments only for approved diagnostic codes. Clinicians ought to continue to develop alternative methods of diagnosis and treatment. Paired with modern […]

Protection Racket

Another example of government “protecting” us. How to Win at Poker On April 15, 2011, a day that has been dubbed “Black Friday” in the poker community, the DOJ shut down the American operations of three major sites: PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Ultimate Bet. Michael Kaplan has an update on the story: In January of this […]

Pentagon protecting us from drones with directives

As we all know, once a bureaucrat writes a directive, the problem is solved. Thankfully, we have a directive in place to make sure it’s always a real human pressing a button to drop bombs from a drone. There will be no chance of incompetent humans making mistakes nor of a computer virus taking over the drones. […]

Government kills Intrade to save movie exec jobs

Stossel shares some entertaining outrage, but the WSJ coverage leads with a reference to Hollywood that’s closer to the mark. Intrade must have been terribly threatening to the practice of picking hit movies. Even a stinker makes some cash, but not if a market warns everyone beforehand. Government Crushes Innovative Online Prediction Market Today, Americans […]

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