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Unregulated dinner parties

This happened to me just tonight! My wife prepared dinner for the family, and although she has taken cooking classes in the past, I don’t think any government official ever issued her a license. Help! Help! Does anyone have a license for determining if I might suffer adverse health effects? I’d do it myself, but I’ve let my thinking license expire. Oh, man, I hope I’m not breaking some law by just asking for help.

New York City Overwhelmed by Scourge of Illegal, Underground Dinner Parties

Folks in the Big Apple are illegally eating things! The CBS affiliate in New York City today uncovered the scary, secret world of illegal, underground dinner parties.

No, this is not a joke or a parody, though it will really feel like one for the first few seconds of the clip. The news casters treat this situation with the same slightly amazed and shocked tone that they use when they cover the “underground world of raves.” You know which story I’m talking about. Every local news affiliate runs one every sweeps period.

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Half-life city scanner drops in on German chancellor

I’ve just finished playing through all the single-player Half-Life content, which offers a deeply dystopian world littered with hoving drones called City Scanners. Sounds like they are real now. How long until something like HL2’s Manhacks are flying around after “criminals”?

German chancellor’s drone “attack” shows the threat of weaponized UAVs | Ars Technica

At a campaign rally in Dresden on September 15, a small quadrocopter flew within feet of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere, hovering briefly in front of them before crashing into the stage practically at Merkel’s feet. Merkel appeared to be amused by the “drone attack,” but de Maiziere and others on the stage seemed a bit more unsettled by the robo-kamikaze.

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Peikoff on the Snowden Issue

Great, fiery analysis of the NSA spying from Peikoff. For someone who’s already pessimistic about the decline of civilization it’s remarkable that given this information he’d downgrade his outlook.

Episode 283 « Itunes Podcast « Peikoff

Date: August 23rd, 2013
Duration: 27:41
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Your kids are competing in the real world hunger games

Here’s another reason why communized public school system is bad for us. I apologize in advance if any of this information stirs a small storm of cognitive dissonance for you.

Hunger Games for real

“Students can only have one serving of meat or other protein. However, rich kids can buy a second portion each day on their own dime.” This is from coverage of Michelle Obama’s national school-lunch regulations.

Protein-starving the peasantry so it will remain docile and biddable is a tyrant’s maneuver thousands of years old. I was unaware until today that this has become official policy in the American public school system.

How clever of them to sell it as a healthy-eating measure! That’ll get all the gentry liberals on board; of course, their kids will be buying that second serving.

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Mueller admits FBI spies on us with drones

How long until we get a headline like “FBI’s Drone Spying Database Leaked”?

LA Times – FBI uses drones inside U.S. for spying, director says

Outgoing FBI Director Robert Mueller tells lawmakers that the agency uses drones domestically ‘in a very, very minimal way.’ He also says the NSA spy program helps track terrorist plots.