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IRS targeting the LDS?

Amit Ghate compares Obama’s use of the IRS to the Nazi SS. Boom! Godwin’s Law detonated! THE IRS SCANDAL IS MUCH WORSE THAN ANYONE REALIZES This IRS scandal was aimed at Jewish Pro Israel groups, beloved Christian ministers and men of God (Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, James Dobson), groups that believe in the U.S. Constitution, […]

Jobs chart suggests there will be no recovery

So, 10 months, 26 months, 30 months, 45 months, 60 months and counting. Looks like a trend. Maybe Molyneux’s right–there will be no recovery this time. The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever Isn’t Scary Enough : Planet Money : NPR One of the defining graphs of our time (yes, there are defining graphs of our time) […]

The chilling effect of a “mother, may I” economy

The tentacles of spying state agents reach into all of our lives, but imagine having no choice but to invite a police detective into your home to open all your drawers on the off chance there’s something that could be turned into an indictment. Fishing around for lawsuits When the Department of Justice Antitrust Division sued to stop […]

Bitcoin is rebellion

Bitcoin recently hit an all time high of $31.9, rebounding from the crash in 2011. Tyler Cowen points out this behavior of a currency is unusual outside war or rebellion. I’m outside my expertise on this, but I have to ask, isn’t Bitcoin an act of rebellion? Isn’t something of an act of war against […]

Firefox 22 may reject 3rd party cookies by default

If you click through to the bugzilla item Block cookies from sites I haven’t visited, there’s a debate going on about it. The change essentially makes FF behave like Safari. There is some worry that FF, representing roughly 10x the traffic compared to Safari, could upset many people with this change. Would that result in […]

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