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Firefox 22 may reject 3rd party cookies by default

If you click through to the bugzilla item Block cookies from sites I haven’t visited, there’s a debate going on about it. The change essentially makes FF behave like Safari. There is some worry that FF, representing roughly 10x the traffic compared to Safari, could upset many people with this change. Would that result in a drop in Firefox usage? Maybe there non-advertising usages for 3rd party cookies, but it seems unlikely that the would be to domains you’ve never visited. Chrome, naturally, will remain uber-friendly to anything advertising related, so this might be a differentiator for Firefox.

On an unrelated note, Mozilla still uses Bugzilla and Mailman.

» The New Firefox Cookie Policy Web Policy

The default Firefox cookie policy will, beginning with release 22, more closely reflect user privacy preferences. This mini-FAQ addresses some of the questions that I’ve received from Mozillans, web developers, and users.