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Is Facebook saying I don’t care?

Today, FB says to me “Notifications from unnamed person are now off because you haven’t used them recently.” (I’m keeping the name private in case it might hurt this person’s feelings.) First of all, the grammar of that sentence suggests I use my friends. That’s not very nice of Facebook to suggest. I think they […]

Angry with Facebook but OK with Washington?

Perhaps you are so angry with Facebook and not the government because, as Molyneux has argued, the government is the ¬†parent who can do no wrong and Facebook is the sibling you’re trained to hate. Why Are People More Scared of Facebook Violating Their Privacy than Washington? – Hit & Run : This grasp […]


Last week, I built a little widget for that generates random quotes as if from Ayn Rand characters. My good friend, Rick Marazzani, put together the phrases and the template for combining them. I built the framework that allows anyone to embed the quotes in any Web site. Rick explained the philosophical ideas behind […]

Facebook Apps Still Not Serving SSL

Almost two months ago, Facebook added a setting for browsing with an SSL connection. So far, most app developers have not yet caught up. It’s simple. Go to¬†Account->Account Settings->Account Security->Secure Browsing and click a checkbox.     After saving, your Facebook experience will all flow over SSL, every byte encrypted with a 128-bit key. But […]

Facebook’s @Mentions Works in Comments Now

  Do you use the @mentions feature in your status updates? If you type @ and immediately start typing a name, Facebook will suggest friends. Click on one and the name is inserted as a link. The friend will be notified and more likely to notice. Until now, this only worked in your own status […]

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