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Release Your Metaphors

Recently, Josh Ross noted how the metaphor of business as war is changing into a metaphor of voluntary cooperation. People are speaking about making their businesses more social. At the surface, this might seem like when the conversation was about making Web sites more interactive. This isn’t fashion. It isn’t the latest technique for improving […]

Eighteen Intelligence

My life has been quite busy lately. After nearly two years as VP of Engineering for BTS, I left to start a consultancy. It began with a casual comment to a few friends that if they had 2-3 months worth of work for me, I’d consider cutting loose. Mark Celsor has been dealing with a […]

Track Your Migraines on Facebook

Many people suffer from migraines, a kind of storm in the brain that causes more than just headaches. I am one of those people. After I’d heard Mark Zuckerberg speak at last year’s Facebook developers conference, it occurred to me that sharing the experience might fit with his vision to give people the power to […]

Facebook Platform Team Are Thankful

What a nice surprise! As a developer on the Facebook platform for more than a year, I get occational messages from Facebook about new features, such as the revolutionary Facebook Connect functionality that went live recently.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a note from the Platform Team thanking all 600K+ developers! We wanted to […]

MySpace is not Friendly to Developers

I’m reasonably certain now that unless MySpace wakes up and fixes their developer approach, they can expect to lose out to Facebook. The experience for the developer is so off the mark over at MySpace, it is no wonder that after nearly a year of being available, innovation in the applications is stagnant. The reason […]

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