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Voluntaryist minecraft server

Log into from Minecraft and you’ll find a world kept free of authoritarian psychopaths. The kids and I have essentially been doing the same thing with our private server where the motto is “Be peaceful and fill in holes”. It’s been a great tool for us to practice non-violent communication and generally how to cooperate.

There have been opportunities for conflict that lead to intense discussions and then to peaceful resolutions. Likewise, we’ve worked together on several large projects.

I’m looking forward to introducing this public server to my kids.

The Voluntaryist

Q. What is the Voluntaryist website for?
A. This site is intended to promote the philosophy of voluntaryism as it might apply in both the game of Minecraft, and also in real life. This site is also intended to promote Intangir’s Voluntaryist Minecraft server where this philosophy is strongly encouraged and nurtured.

Q. What is Voluntaryism?

A. Voluntaryism is a philosophy which states that all interactions in society should be mutually voluntary, and those actions which are not (coercion) should be abolished. It is a clarification on the concept of anarchy which recognizes that abolishing rulership must necessarily also prohibit the means of rulership: initiation of aggressive force. This concept is used to avoid the assuption that most people jump to upon hearing the word anarchy, which is chaos. A true anarchy (voluntarism) is one which recognizes that all attempts to rule, initiate force, or coercion are violations of human rights and have no place in peaceful civilized society. A simple idea with far reaching implications!
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A Free Society Includes Freedom to Shun

An inflammatory KKK cartoon from The Fiery Cro...
An inflammatory KKK cartoon from The Fiery Cross that was used as evidence in the civil trial that followed the murder of Michael Donald. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CNN reports that the KKK in Georgia has been denied the request adopt a highway. The KKK are a vile organization that advocates initiating violence against people for inherent aspects such as skin color. I would never willingly have any association with a member of the KKK, and neither should anyone else. I don’t just mean I wouldn’t do business with a klansman. I don’t just mean I wouldn’t stop to help him change his tire. I mean I would offer no food if he were starving, nor any aid whatsoever if he were bleeding out on the side of the road.

In a free society, people are free to believe what they will. Likewise, in a free society, people are free to shun those they disapprove of. Unfortunately, we do not live in a free society.

The KKK is seeking help from the ACLU. There is a case to be made for protection under the first amendment. This is the tragedy of having a government: you are made to pay taxes so that the KKK can advertise their hate. People in the government claim ownership of the roads and offer equal treatment to the peaceful and the advocates of murder. If we were free to shun these people, I have no doubt they and their ideas would would be entombed in history.

It just makes me want to shout, in the immortal words of The Stains (AKA MDC): “No war! No KKK! No Facsist USA!”

If you’re interested in more ideas about how government itself enables evil, check out Jacob Spinney’s YouTube video The State Is Not Great: How Government Poisons Everything.

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