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Factors Affecting Code Quality and Estimation

Last September, ZeroTurnaround released analysis of a survey focussed on tools and practices of developers. They reported on how these affected the quality of code and how predictable delivery dates were. The Developer Productivity Report 2013 is a long read with lots of details. In the end, the data support what most developers already know. […]

Automated unit tests from Asis

This tool allows you to periodically grab stack traces and record calls to a library that are then saved as unit tests. It’s a shortcut to getting coverage for a library that’s already in production and stable. zavg/Asis ¬∑ GitHub Asis – Tool to deal efficiently with legacy code through creating and running characterization tests […]

Simplify Commerce Event Types

I recently completed a project to integrate Simplify Commerce into Clinalytic, a note-taking application for psychologists. The service’s API lives up to its name. Integration was simple. Being new, there are a few gaps in features and documentation, but engineers are quick to reply to support emails. In the missing-features box, I’d put the ability […]

Simplify Commerce

Super easy credit card payment processing provided by MasterCard. ¬†They have lots of SDKs, including one for PHP. You can get into a sandbox in five minutes. Simplify Commerce – Developer-Friendly Payments It’s that simple.

Pure is a responsive CSS framework

As the demand ramps up to make everything responsive, I’m out looking for ways to make it easier. This might help. Pure A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

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