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One Dice Six

It’s common for role-playing rules to include tables for generating complex results, similar to the image to the right from the first edition Dungeon Master’s Guide for generating dungeon maps. The user is meant to roll a twenty-sided dice and find a matching row from the first column. A roll of 4 matches the range […]

Factors Affecting Code Quality and Estimation

Last September, ZeroTurnaround released analysis of a survey focussed on tools and practices of developers. They reported on how these affected the quality of code and how predictable delivery dates were. The Developer Productivity Report 2013 is a long read with lots of details. In the end, the data support what most developers already know. […]

Automated unit tests from Asis

This tool allows you to periodically grab stack traces and record calls to a library that are then saved as unit tests. It’s a shortcut to getting coverage for a library that’s already in production and stable. zavg/Asis ¬∑ GitHub Asis – Tool to deal efficiently with legacy code through creating and running characterization tests […]

Simplify Commerce Event Types

I recently completed a project to integrate Simplify Commerce into Clinalytic, a note-taking application for psychologists. The service’s API lives up to its name. Integration was simple. Being new, there are a few gaps in features and documentation, but engineers are quick to reply to support emails. In the missing-features box, I’d put the ability […]

Simplify Commerce

Super easy credit card payment processing provided by MasterCard. ¬†They have lots of SDKs, including one for PHP. You can get into a sandbox in five minutes. Simplify Commerce – Developer-Friendly Payments It’s that simple.

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