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The Martini Available in Hardcover

I published a hardcover book containing the play I wrote this year, The Martini. The blurb on the back is as follows. Martinez Cocktail — Martinez Special — Martini: the libation universally celebrated as the quintessential cocktail enjoys no documented nativity. Despite aspirations of adoptive metropolises, the sensible historian recognizes a likely heritage that begins […]

Mourning is a doorway back into daylight

Following is a song I wrote about 15 years ago. I thought I knew what it meant when I first wrote it, then I discovered a new meaning about seven years ago. I’ve discovered a more profound meaning, and it probably had this meaning all along. Before I explain, here are the words. How Long […]

Automatic Album Cover Game

In the past few weeks there was a game/meme going around on Facebook that instructed you to put together an imaginary (record) album cover by randomly selecting text from wikipiedia and images from flickr. Of course, it occurred to me to write a program to do it. But it took Lee Springer nudging me to […]

Cut Loose Like A Deuce

I’ve been messing around with t-shirt designs on Cafe Press. Recently I resurrected some designs from when I was kid, but this one is an original. It is based on a line from a song that you ought to recognize unless you just couldn’t understand them when you heard them. Click to if you […]

Leon’s Random Generators Appreciation Society

Now appearing on Facebook…a fan club for the random generators.

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