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Voluntaryist minecraft server

Log into from Minecraft and you’ll find a world kept free of authoritarian psychopaths. The kids and I have essentially been doing the same thing with our private server where the motto is “Be peaceful and fill in holes”. It’s been a great tool for us to practice non-violent communication and generally how to cooperate. There […]

A Free Society Includes Freedom to Shun

CNN reports that the KKK in Georgia has been denied the request adopt a highway. The KKK are a vile organization that advocates initiating violence against people for inherent aspects such as skin color. I would never willingly have any association with a member of the KKK, and neither should anyone else. I don’t just mean I […]


Last week, I built a little widget for that generates random quotes as if from Ayn Rand characters. My good friend, Rick Marazzani, put together the phrases and the template for combining them. I built the framework that allows anyone to embed the quotes in any Web site. Rick explained the philosophical ideas behind […]

Study Philosophy, Be Powerful

Cory Doctorow linked to a list of famously successful people who studied philosophy. Here’s a giant list of famous and accomplished people with philosophy degrees, just the thing to show the parental units when you choose your major. I want the comparable list of successful underwater basket-weaving majors. (via JoHo) Check out the list and you’ll find […]

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