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Contentment in your 70s due to closeness with your father

Meditate on this idea. You’re a father of two boys. The time you spend now building your relationships with them is enjoyable in the moment and clearly the right thing to do, but it also means you are helping creating superior happiness for them far in the future, when they are perhaps 75 years old. […]

Cinnamon Bear Time

It’s nearly December, which means it’s time to start listening to The Cinnamon Bear with my sons. I discovered this old radio show several years ago on the Get Rich Slowly blog. It’s a 26-part story first broadcast in 1937. Each part is about 15 minutes long, and it was designed to be heard six days a week. We tend to listen to it seven nights a week at bed time, sometimes listening to two episodes to catch up. The idea is to finish up the story on xmas eve.

Study Philosophy, Be Powerful

Cory Doctorow linked to a list of famously successful people who studied philosophy. Here’s a giant list of famous and accomplished people with philosophy degrees, just the thing to show the parental units when you choose your major. I want the comparable list of successful underwater basket-weaving majors. (via JoHo) Check out the list and you’ll find […]

Hold On to Your Kids

I just finished reading Hold On to Your Kids by Neufeld and Mate, one of my many xmas gifts. I discovered this book through Freedomain Radio episode where Stefan Molynuex interviewed Dr. Gabor Mate. Serendipitously, I noticed an hour-long interview with Dr. Mate on Democacy Now. These other resources may help you decide if the book […]

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