My 1&1 Account Has Been Down For Days

I’m now into day 2 of my account over at 1&1 being down. Their estimates for recovery keep going up, from 4 hours, to 12 hours and today they say it will be two more days. Luckily, I don’t trust my main site,, to them. I with and I might have had a couple of hours of downtime in the 10 years I’ve been with them.

I have all my stuff with 1&1, and that means a couple of my Facebook apps are down. Plus, I stuck some client work on the server last week. It’s a huge drag to have that stuff unavailable for two more days.

I suspect this is an isolated event, unlike the widespread outage from a couple of years ago that made it to Digg. I can’t find anyone else talking about it. Anyway, it seems like a good time switch providers.