Is Facebook saying I don’t care?

Today, FB says to me “Notifications from unnamed person are now off because you haven’t used them recently.” (I’m keeping the name private in case it might hurt this person’s feelings.)

First of all, the grammar of that sentence suggests I use my friends. That’s not very nice of Facebook to suggest. I think they mean that it’s been some some since I clicked on a notification item to read the whole story. This might be because I don’t care so much about this person any more. Or it might be that they’ve been writing boring status updates recently. Or it might be that everything I need to know is there in the notification.

What is Facebook trying to do, anyway? Optimize my notification list by weeding out people? Make me feel bad that I’m not engaging with this person enough? If I had the choice, I’d rather this happen only if I specifically clicked a button. I don’t like how they did it and then gave me a link to re-activate the person.

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