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Unregulated dinner parties

This happened to me just tonight! My wife prepared dinner for the family, and although she has taken cooking classes in the past, I don’t think any government official ever issued her a license. Help! Help! Does anyone have a license for determining if I might suffer adverse health effects? I’d do it myself, but […]

Advice on getting what you want

Richard Nikoley has some advice I typically give as “be like the Internet–route around the slow nodes”. How to Deal With Other Human Animals Who Live By Force or Quasi Force | Free The Animal Next time you get really, really pissed off by some organization, do a self experiment in extreme self control. Take pleasure, […]

Fiber is Bad for Sex

The idea of eating more fiber was invented to give you constipation so you wouldn’t enjoy sex. Just one of Kellogg’s sadistic ideas that also included circumcision for the prevention of masturbation and Prussian-style schools for transforming curious kids into mindless factory drones. Dietary Fiber Is Bad for Sex – That’s the Only Claim About […]

Two Guided Meditations from Sam Harris

Click through to grab the MP3s or listen in the page. Tre, Henry and I all tried the 9-minute version, and I was proud of Henry for lasting at least 7 mintues without fidgeting. The Mirror of Mindfulness : Two Guided Meditations : Sam Harris I wrote an article on meditation two years ago, and […]

Peikoff on the Snowden Issue

Great, fiery analysis of the NSA spying from Peikoff. For someone who’s already pessimistic about the decline of civilization it’s remarkable that given this information he’d downgrade his outlook. Episode 283 « Itunes Podcast « Peikoff Date: August 23rd, 2013 Duration: 27:41

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