Advice on getting what you want

Richard Nikoley has some advice I typically give as “be like the Internet–route around the slow nodes”.

How to Deal With Other Human Animals Who Live By Force or Quasi Force | Free The Animal

Next time you get really, really pissed off by some organization, do a self experiment in extreme self control. Take pleasure, at least, in the fact that you can. …And, upon reflection, you just might laugh out loud over the juxtaposition. Most of all, before you pick up that phone or send that email, ask yourself: what is my objective? If your objective is to make someone feel shitty, that’s easy enough and anyone can do it. Just pick up the phone or hit send from a stream of consciousness with no review or deliberation.

…Or, start a somewhat cathartic blog. …Call it “Free the Animal,” or something. :)

On the other hand, daily life is important. The more time you spend doing what you love, relishing the company of people you love, the better. You can pay for that extra time by dropping pretenses of propriety, right and wrong, demanding “justice” over minutae and hey, even giving that person on the other end of the line undeserved flattery in order to minimize time and trouble, and get what you need.

Give it a try.