Drink unfiltered coffee

Reading this compelled me to make a pot of what my dad called “Sheepherder’s Coffee”, otherwise known as cowboy coffee. He learned to make coffee that way hanging out with guys in southern Idaho, and he made coffee that way every morning, frequently letting it boil over and making a mess on the stove. It takes a long time and you inevitably get grounds in your teeth, but it is the most delicious coffee.

Should you drink your coffee filtered?

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Arguably a key reason for this is that coffee has psychoactive properties that we may be hardwired to value, even if subconsciously. For example, it increases alertness; possibly a fitness-enhancing effect in our evolutionary past. Here the term “fitness” in “fitness-enhancing effect” means “reproductive success”, and does not mean having great athletic ability or having shredded abs.