Google Indexes Printers and Video Camers

In case you needed another reason why security by obscurity is no security at all…

Google Indexes 80,000 Printers That You Can Print To From Anywhere

We just received a tip from someone that Google is indexing 80,000 printers that are connected to the Internet.  Using a little Google search magic, it becomes apparent that you can really find anything using Google.  To top it off, aside from just being indexed by Google, you can easily print something to any one of these 80,000 printers surely giving the owner of the printer quite a scare.  Obviously the people who configured these print servers skipped firewall 101 class.

Big Brother

These are live video feeds from 325 unprotected Panasonic Network
Cameras, mostly in Asia, discovered only through search engines. Click an image to open the camera’s control interface in a new window. Scroll or refresh to load more. Works best in Safari, slow in Firefox and Chrome, not at all in IE and Opera (does not support M-JPEG). Requires JavaScript.