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Microsoft’s modern.IE

MS released a site dedicated to testing old versions of MSIE. In addition to a tester you can use right in the site, they offer up virtual machines for VirtualBox that cover all versions of MSIE, including MSIE 10.

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modern.IE is a dev center – free tools & resources – built so you can spend less time testing for the various versions of Internet Explorer and more time building what matters to you on the modern web.

We recognize that there are still a lot of users that browse with older versions of Internet Explorer. And while modern web standards andautomatic updates with platform previews might be steps in the right direction, we know that the range of devices and browser versions still present a real challenge for your testing matrix. modern.IE is a way we can help move the web forward by making it easier to build innovative experiences with web standards like HTML5 & CSS3 while supporting older versions of IE.