Unlinked Links Continued: Google Search as Business Card

I love Jim Turner’s recent post about how saying “just google my name” is becoming a substitute for handing out business cards among the tech elite.  (Yes, if you google “just google my name”, you’ll find his post.)  This is another expression of how linking is not necessary any more.

When I read this, it made me google myself.  Of course, you won’t find me if you google “Leon”.  You’ll end up in Spain.  But if you google “Leon Atkinson”, you will find me.  In fact, I now fill up the first page.  That surprised me.  For the longest time I was number one, but the jazz guitarist named Leon Atkinson was number two.  It looks like his site went away, and now I can hardly find anything about him.

It makes me want to print up a bunch of cards that just have my picture on one side and my name on the other.

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