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Iran Holding American Hostages And We Do Nothing?

Micheal Ledeen wrote yesterday about an Invisible Crisis: Iran is now holding five American hostages.  There is has been little coverage of this in the press, and no apparent reaction from our government.

Is there no action Iran can take that will convince our country to fight back?  Will we be watching a smoldering city destroyed by an Iranian nuclear bomb, trying to come up with some reason why it’s not their fault?

Last year, I said it was time to destroy Iran. It’s getting late. If anyone needs an alternative argument for this, check out The Case for Bombing Iran by Norman Podhoretz.


The Great Global Warming Swindle

I recommend checking out a BBC 4 program that aired recently called The Great Global Warming Swindle. I don’t think you can get a copy from the BBC yet, but it’s all over the various Internet sources for video such as Google Video, You Tube, and Pirate Bay. The thesis of this documentary is that global warming is an anti-human political movement. It shows how while the climate is getting warmer, this is a natural cycle Earth has undergone for millions of years. And all scientific evidence points to activity of the Sun causing carbon dioxide levels to rise.

There’s a great refutation of Al Gore’s proposition that rising CO2 levels cause warming–it shows that while the two are correlated, it’s warming that drives CO2 out of the oceans. This is a demonstration of the common error of equating correlation to causation. In this case, the data make it very obvious because CO2 levels actually lag rising temperatures.

I suppose I’m revealing myself as a heretic against the church of the warming globe (as Robert Trancinski puts it), but I do hope this documentary gets broadcast in the U.S. soon. I can’t figure out if it’s more or less dangerous than admitting I’m an atheist.
It does seem like our politicians have leveraged this “cause” into a tool to rival the medieval church. After all, this new church does its best to silence heretics. It carries out inquisitions against “sinners”. It even offers a free exchange of money for forgiveness in the form of carbon offsets.

The title of the program invokes the Sex Pistols movie The Great Rock-n-Roll Swindle and something that Johnny Rotten said at their final concert, “Ever feel like you’ve been cheated?” I hope that anyone who’s bought into the notion that we’re all guilty of cooking the planet asks themselves the same question.

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It’s Time to Destroy Iran

It appears that world is finally waking up to a reality some of us have recognized for a long time. Iran is a cancer we must now remove. A headline in the San Diego Union-Tribune (I was on vacation last week) read something like “Iran is years away from nuclear weapons”. It probably came from a New York Times article on 4/13. The claim is that the terrorist state is 5 to 10 years away from developing nuclear weapons. I’m sure the statement was meant to imply that we have time–time to procrastenate, time for more terrorist attacks, time to let Iran come up with better defenses. I read it as “there are only a few years to act before Iran uses nuclear weapons against us.” What if someone told you in 1993 not to worry, it would be years before the terrorists came up with a plan that would bring down the World Trade Center?

I’m afraid we’re in for a long slog–one of valueless debate in the U.N. But after that, we will likely see the unfolding of a scenario similar to the one in Iraq with one key difference. Iran will have no strong neighbor able to send terrorists across its border. If the Bush administration is sucessful with regime-change in Iran, it will be very hard for anyone to talk about Iraq being a failure.

When we’re through, let’s replace the Islamic Republic of Iran with the Republic of Persia.

If you haven’t yet, please read Robert Tracinski’s argument for war against Iran, titled Time to Fight the Real War.

Update: while I still believe the government in Iran is capable of creating a real tragedy, I have abandoned the idea that any government, including the United States, can do anything positive to prevent it. The idea of government ought to be buried in a garbage pit along with religion, slavery, war and all the other bad ideas of antiquity.

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