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March 2008 PHP Meetup

At the suggestion of my buddy Lee Springer, I hung out with the PHP geeks at the SF PHP Meetup in the CNET building last Thursday night. A couple of Zend guys talked about version 1.5 of Zend Framework. It was good to get a view into what they are up to, although in many […] Went Away

After something like seven years of minimal use, Jon took down the old server. That means all the old PHP code from the Whichever Group (FreeTrade, FreeAssociation, etc) is no longer available. The mailing list for FreeTrade didn’t have a post to it for more than a year, so I’m not too worried. But […]

PHP Became Mainstream A Long Time Ago

Tim O’Reilly blogged PHP Becoming Mainstream today. It must have shown up thanks to Scoble’s Google Reader link stream. Scoble’s links are as good as the links that come out of digg. They’re different, so I read both. Anyway, O’Reilly argues that since sales of “For Dummies” books have risen to the top of the […]

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