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Ninth Annual 7DRL Challenge

Is it possible to make a 3D Roguelike in Unity in one week?

We Have Dates for 7DRL Challenge 2013! | 7DRL Challenge

What is a Seven Day Roguelike?

A Seven Day Rogue­like is a rogue­like created in seven days. This means
the author stopped writing code one hundred and sixty eight hours
after they started writing code.

Ryan Makes Stuff — CoD of Duty: The Premier First Person Shooting Fish in a Barrel Simulator

For my January #1gam, I wanted to do something that’d be both small in scope and something that I hadn’t really done before.  Based on a joke that my friend John made about Call of Duty always being abbreviated ‘CoD’ on the internet, I decided to make a first person shooter where all of your enemy are fish.

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