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You have a great business or idea for a business, but pieces are missing. Maybe your programmers aren’t productive enough to reach the productivity you need. Maybe your internal processes could be optimized so that employees spend more time on work and less time on busywork. I’ve solved these problems. I’ve helped my staff feel like they matter so that they spend their time coding. I’ve automated operational tasks to keep the real work in focus. I’ve designed and built Web applications myself for 15 years. I have the solutions to your problems.

I Have Skills

I was programming computers long before joining the workforce (I still remember how to poke system memory to change the screen color on a Commodore 64), but I’ve been programming professionally since 1994. I’ve been coding PHP since 1997, and my best-selling book, Core PHP Programming, was published in 1999. For the past ten years, my management responsibilities have steadily increased from caring for small teams to making financial decisions for the entire corporation. I know how to recruit and retain top talent, and I have a keen understanding that companies exist to make money.

I Have Results

In 2003, I joined Clear Ink as the Chief Technologist to help grow the company. I started as a technical team of one and eventually grew the team to 15 people, including development, IT and analytics departments. I was promoted to Vice President in a 50-person company producing successful work for Autodesk, SUN, HP and Cisco. My team and I produced innovative work in Adobe Flash and Second Life. We also developed a highly optimized project management application for internal use.

In 2009, I joined Berkeley Transportation Systems to repeat my success. I started with a team of two programmers which grew to 7 in 2010, half the total headcount. I created a development structure that included regular status meetings, formal specifications and defect management. My team expanded the decade-old core product for freeways into two new functional classes: surface streets and transit agencies. We also developed new products for traffic management centers and field device operation.

I Have a Philosophy

My management style is humble and effective. It includes three general activities: point to destinations, cheer the team on as they cross the finish lines, and at all other times remain a servant to the team. I keep in mind that working together is voluntary. Successful business is a trade of values where both people get more than they gave. Foremost, there is no relationship without trust and honesty.

I collaborate with people on my teams to outline clear goals and metrics for checking progress.  I demonstrate to my team that I understand they are individuals, not interchangeable resources. I help them see how their good work makes a difference to others in the company as well as our clients. Every day, I ask myself, “What is good?” and “What must be done?

My most treasured complement from a client is, “Leon, you make me look good.” I strive to bring this joy to everyone with whom I work through a mutually-beneficial web of support.

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