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“Angels sing when I open [Core PHP]”

I love it when I read comments about my books that go like the following.

I also picked up Core PHP Programming (3rd edition) by Leon Atkinson and Zeev Suraski (Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference. Angels sing when I open it. Pithy, example-driven text. The binding and page layout are beautiful as well!

(From the Renaissance Geek blog.)

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Your book is so much easy to learn. Its explanation about its content is amazing as it made me understand easily. It has got many examply which I am enjoyed very much.

Hi Leon!!!
I bought your book Core PHP (3 edition), and i can tell that its the great book. Its book about PHP, another books are real stuff. Sry for my bad english 🙂

Dear Leon,
I bought your book Core PHP (2nd Edition) a few years back, and LOVED IT!
I have since moved out of country and during my transition lost my CD that came with the book, is there some way to get the code examples (with the book) in a compressed file similar to the examples made available for the 3rd edition (.ie corephp_3e_listings.tar.gz) ?

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