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Sales Totals for Core PHP and Core MySQL

Long, long ago, I wrote a book about PHP. Actually, it was the first book about¬†PHP. And it was a success. It lead to two more editions and another book about MySQL. Zeev, Andi and Monte each graciously helped with reviews, writing and endorsements. Being a best-selling author of the first PHP book has been […]

Core PHP Programming in Google Books

Google Alert just informed me that Core PHP is available for preview in Google Books. It’s an interesting dynamic. It hints that it’s just a preview. I can’t tell if not every page is available or what. But from a practical sense, electronic versions of the book are widespread. I regularly get alerts for links […]

“Angels sing when I open [Core PHP]”

I love it when I read comments about my books that go like the following. I also picked up Core PHP Programming (3rd edition) by Leon Atkinson and Zeev Suraski (Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference. Angels sing when I open it. Pithy, example-driven text. The binding and page layout are beautiful as well! (From the […]

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