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Is John McCain a terrorist?

John McCain, a victim of war who promotes war, was photographed with a kidnapper in Syria.

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How fucking marvelous that in a classically impulsive and dumb trip into Syria, McCain may have unwittingly been photographed next to a known multiple kidnapper of Shia pilgrims. Hey, he’s our multiple kidnapper. Soon, we may have our own Sunni Jihadists too!

Is kidnapper Mohammad Nour a terrorist? If so, did McCain just provide “material support” for said terrorist? Even if he did, don’t count on the DoJ to pursue it. Check out the analysis from Cato and decided for yourself.

Did John McCain Provide Material Support for Syrian Terrorists?

Unfortunately, the Washington authorities have routinely misused the concept. In separate context, the federal government denied refugee status to a teen deemed as providing “material support” for Colombian communist insurgents who murdered his parents because he was forced at gunpoint to bury some of their victims. A Liberian woman was deemed to have provided “material support” for guerrillas who had raped her because she was forced at gunpoint to cook for them.

If the rest of us are vulnerable to extreme interpretations of the law, then lawmakers who approved the law should be subject to the same legal risks. Consider Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who has been campaigning for war in Syria, just as he previously promoted war most everywhere else around the globe.