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Hacker News thread about side projects for sale

The best part?

Sneaky. You made yourself a list of free ideas right here. 

Yay! “Free ideas” that … didn’t work out, have no market and are now eagerly flipped for peanuts. Sneaky indeed ūüėČ

But as is also pointed out, many of these projects put the blame of failure on lack of marketing funds. That does seem to be a big hurdle to jump with these little projects. All the little viral successes might make you think all you need to do is build something and the fans will start showing up. In the real world, people don’t see mystical messages on the scoreboard at Fenway.

Sell HN: Do you have a side project you want to sell? | Hacker News

If you have any side projects that you’ve built and that you no longer have time for, list them here and let’s see if others want to buy it from you.