Baby Atkinson Update

Henry came home today! We’re all so happy to have him home now and we’re taking a day to be quiet together.

We discovered that the little car seat we had for Tre wasn’t little enough, and I had to go buy one that fits a 5lb baby. Luckily, we got good advice from the nurses and were able to got get the perfect model in a store in Walnut Creek.

Tre is being so nice with Henry. He was immediately telling him that he loves him and he was touching Henry’s face and feet. He was telling us how cute Henry is. It’s really amazing and touching to see. He’s also been telling Henry things like “It’s OK, baby, it’s only a little noise.” Henry isn’t really being bothered by whatever noise Tre’s talking about, but it’s sweet that he’s trying to take care of his little brother.

A big boquet of roses arrived from my mom today. Thanks, Mom! And we’re still eating on the food that was delivered yesterday. Joe’s going to deliver dinner tomorrow.

Vicky, Tre and Henry

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One Response to “Baby Atkinson Update”

  1. Laurie Abbey says:

    Hi Vicky, Leon, and Tre,
    I am so glad to hear that Henry is home! You must be thrilled. Now you get to face the no-sleep thing again. It sounds like Tre is already a great big bro. He looks so proud in the pic. I would love to bring you a meal, but will let you work on the recent deliveries for now. How about on July 22nd?
    All the best! Laurie

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