We’re all adjusting to the new family configuration. Tre is adjusting to having less attention from his mom as she takes care of the newest member. I’m adjusting to taking care of Tre all day. It’s definitely a full-time job. We’re trying to keep busy with little projects. A couple of days ago we climbed all the way to the top of “Nazi Hill”, a steep hike straight up the hills behind our house. Tre walked the whole way. It took us an hour and a half.

Vicky’s adjusting to taking care of a newborn again, and recovering from the birth. She still can’t bend down well yet, but this birth wasn’t very tramatic to her body. So, she’s doing much better than last time when she had stitches. Her body is synched with Henry’s schedule, so she’s waking up every three hours or so to feed. And, lucky me, I don’t wake up with them.

Henry is adapting to being outside in a big world with bright lights. He’s really doing well. He’s now ten days old. The issue with jaundice has passed. We had a visit from nurse, a standard service from John Muir Health, and we found that he’s up a few ouces from his birth weight.

We’ve had several comments from doctors and nurses that Henry has done amazingly well considering how early he was. Our theory is that it was breastfeeding Vicky put in. Henry also gets lots of holding, touching and talking to.