Baby Atkinson Update

Henry is making good progress and will soon be able to come home. He got a little jaundiced and had to spend a day under the lights. But his tests came back good and they took the lights away. He also has gained some weight back after losing a little bit. Both of these are normal events for a new baby, and they are good signs. The doctor was suggesting that tomorrow is probably the day that he gets to come home.

Vicky is still spending her days at the hospital and I’m spending my days doing housework and watching Tre. I’m enjoying getting to spend so much time with Tre.

We have more food than we know what to do with, and lots of offers for more! Holy cow! Thanks, everybody! Clear Ink (my employer) had Andronico’s deliver a meal that would probably feed 12 people comfortably and it barely fit in the fridge.

Vicky has the camera today, so I’ll probably have some new pictures later tonight.