Baby Atkinson Update

Vicky’s home from the hospital tonight. She’s really tired from shuttling back and forth between the recovery room the nursery every three hours. She’s finally settling in for a five-hour stretch of sleep. Then she’ll be up to pump breast milk at 3AM.

Henry is still in the nursery. We don’t have a solid date on when he can come home. He was having some trouble learning how to nurse where he’d lose his rythm and “desat”. That means he’d not breath enough and the oxygen level in his blood would go down too low. But after some coaching from the nurses, he seemed to figure it out and hasn’t had it happen for the last day or so.

In the mean time, Vicky will try to spend days at the hospital with Henry to give him real breastfeeding. She’ll come home in the evenings and pump. It’s going to be a lot of work until Henry comes home, and then it will only be slightly less work.

My mom went back home today, since it seemed like I had everything under control with watching Tre and doing housework. It’s going to be nice to have a stretch of days of one-on-one time with Tre that Vicky has enjoyed for the past three years.

Tre got to see Henry through the nursery window today. He’s being a very good boy overall. I’m sure he’s enjoying all the attention from me. He also has been talking about the fun he had with Bob and Gene and my mom.

I’ll post more news and pictures when I have them.