Baby Atkinson Update

My wife, Vicky, went into labor today. We were up and headed to the hospital around 7AM this morning and waited out the whole day. Tre, my first son, bounced between his uncle Gene and best friends Bob and Tina today. Now I’m home for the night to be with him. Vicky’s still in the hospital, resting.

The technical details: Vicky’s having contractions about every 3 minutes. She’s at 4cm. It has been that way since about 4PM today (July 4th). We’re at 34 weeks, so it’s a bit early, but not too early. They don’t stop labor once you get to the 34th week. But they also aren’t encouraging it. There’s some chance that the new baby will need oxygen, but otherwise there aren’t big risks associated with being premature.

We’re just resting tonight. They may give Vicky a sleeping pill so she can sleep. Hopefully I can get some rest here at home. (It seems like the neighbors aren’t doing their bottle rocket marathon this year.)

Tre had a nice talk with his mom over the phone tonight. He’s been a very good boy all day, I’m told. He actually had a lot of fun going to a parade, Nancy Boyd Park and a BBQ at Becky’s and Keith’s.

Bob has been very, very nice to watch Tre for us, offering to stay the night over here. Luckily we’re getting this short rest before the big battle tomorrow.

I’ll update things as I can.