When is a corporation not a person?

Government bureaucrats will tell you it’s when it’s in your car not helping you meeting the minimum two riders to be in the carpool lane. I’ll give you the straight dope, though. Just like Santa Claus and Jesus, corporations are never people.

Corporation not person in carpool lanes – SFGate

Jonathan Frieman, a 56-year-old San Rafael resident and self-described social entrepreneur, failed to convince a Marin County Superior Court jurist Monday after he argued that he was not alone when a California Highway Patrol officer pulled him over in October while driving in the carpool lane. Southern Pacific Railroad Co., and he offered evidence that a corporation was traveling inside his vehicle – riding shotgun, of course – then two people were in his car. Citizens United caseThe issue of corporate personhood rocketed to public consciousness in 2010, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case that the First Amendment barred the government from limiting companies’ independent political expenditures. […] Frieman says he’s been driving stretches of carpool lanes along Highway 101 for the past decade with his papers in the front seat, waiting to get pulled over and set his legal battle in motion. Pointing to state lawFord Greene, Frieman’s attorney, pointed to California vehicle code section 470, which says the definition of a person includes “natural persons and corporations.” Before the hearing began, a television reporter called out to Dorn as he sat at the plaintiff’s table: “Don’t forget to smile!” The officer, dressed in a black leather motorcycle jacket and boots, smirked and appeared to chew at his bottom lip.