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Holy Night 2007

In Martinez, the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is called “holy night”, at least by people of my generation (class of 1988). It started with kids being home from school for the holiday. We’d all meet at College Lane in downtown Martinez. Several years ago we moved the party to Joe Tully’s house. This year he’s holding the party at Ferry Street Station. This is not a private party at all, and everyone is welcome to join us. Following is the announcement he sent out.

Now then, it is with well-noted regard that the citizens who reside in the Center of the Universe, Martinez, California, and those who reside in Martinez by proxy, come together on a night most worthy of such reverence to celebrate such benevolent oneness with the cosmos. The Night Before Thanksgiving is this night of merriment and jubilant excitation.

Let it now therefore be declared that there shall be a party on the planet, in the center of the universe, Martinez, California, commencing at the time of nine (9) Post Meridian or as soon as possible thereafter. New to this year, the location of the celebratory gathering shall be at none other than Ferry Street Station located in downtown Martinez. The purpose behind this specified locality shall be none other than to bear witness to the musical accompaniment and harmonious emanations of the fREEX!

Will there be a cover? No! Such monetary trifling would be unworthy on such a night. Will there be present a tremendous amount of libations? Yes! For this, it would seem, would be a necessary celebratory staple.

Therefore, all who have great love in their hearts for Martinez may come down to celebrate the Holy Night in downtown Martinez and bear auditory witness to the fREEX as well as other musical acts commencing at the hour of 9 Post Meridian!

Be It Resolved!!!

If you’re nearby, please come join us.