Vicky’s Blogging

Vicky, my wife, finally decided to start blogging. I had suggested it long ago as perfectly suited to her lifestyle as a mom of two little kids. She might have been worn down by me responding with, “that would be a great thing to blog about” whenever she told me a story about one of the kids being cute. Or she may have been spurred on by the Sarah Lipman’s blog. A few weeks ago, I set up WordPress for her on–suddenly, lots of great content!

However, yesterday came the downside: husbandly shame. Yesterday, Vicky posted after she got back from a haircut.

Well, I have bangs now. When he saw my haircut, Tre said, “You look like a different mom.” I asked him why, and he said it was because of the hair on my forehead.

Of course, I was totally oblivious. Maybe it was because I had the two kids alone for more than five hours. I’m amazed that she handles that day after day even when she’s sick. I’ve got to file this tip away for future use: if your wife goes to the hair stylist, figure out what changed and complement her about what changed.